Did you know ? Almost 5,000 French words in Turkish

On the occasion of the international day of FRANKOFONİ, this Saturday, March 20, Istanbul wished to make a somewhat ORİJİNAL contribution. This is to highlight, for a short stroll in the streets of Turkey, certain words of TÜRK which come from French, and whose pronunciation is equivalent!

Today is Saturday, and to escape the STRES of the week, to which is added that of the KOVİD-19, I decide to go for some fresh air.

I put on some MAKİYAJ, pull out pants and a TRİKO from my GARDIROP, put on my MANTO, ,AL and BOTs, and I'm finally ready to go out. I don't forget my DESENFEKTAN, and when I leave, I activate the ALARM.

On the way, I grab a KAHVE to take away. In front of the VETERİNER, I see that the POLİS stops certain passers-by… surely to carry out a KONTROL of the HES codes.

Curiously there is TRAFİK; an ŞOFÖR from TAKSİ and an ŞOFÖR from KAMYON argue, a cyclist passing by BİSİKLET interferes; the TURİST in the TAKSİ looks taken aback! I would like to tell him "no PANİK", this is quite TİPİK in Turkey!

Passing in front of the MÜZE, what SÜRPRİZ, I meet my former PROFESÖR from TÜRK. Today he teaches TÜRKOLOJİ in the best ÜNİVERSİTE in the country, where some of his students are brilliant FRANKOFON.

I then meet a very famous AKTÖR, that I had seen in a FİLM in SİNEMA, just before the health KRİZ. At the level of the KONSERVATUAR, I feel very NOSTALJİK and remember the last KONSER I went to ... But when I arrive in front of the ŞANTİYE of the future OPERA, I find MOTİVASYON… hoping that soon everything will return to NORMAL.

Further on, I notice that a new RESTORAN has opened, I approach, the MENÜ is very enticing, and the inner DEKORASYON very ŞIK!

On the other hand, right next door, one of my favorite BAR, where they served KOKTEYL vouchers, had to close due to PROBLEM EKONOMİK.

Passing in front of an AKSESUAR BUTİK, I notice a nice KOLYE… But is it really KALİTE ?!

DIREKSİYON the PARK… A relaxed AMBİYANS reigns there… People mostly brought a PİKNİK. While some are lying on their ŞEZLONG, others are listening to MÜZİK, a GRUP of young people is doing DANS and some children are playing BALON.

On the way back, I stop at the KUAFÖR to take a RANDEVU. Then, at the grocery store, I buy something to make a BROKOLİ FREE, because the SEZON will be finished soon. On leaving, I find myself in the middle of KURANDER, brrr ... eagerly that I come home!

In the HOL, I realize that ASANSÖR is broken ... No problem, it will be a little more SPOR.

When I get home, I go to TUVALET, I turn on the RADYATÖR and take a DUŞ.

At nightfall, I open the bottle of wine that my friend ÖNOLOG brought me: but where is the TİRBUŞON? Ah, there he is !

I turn on the RADYO to listen to my favorite show, and then I allow myself a little quiet time on my DİVAN, the cat installed opposite on the SOFA ...


Non-Turkish-speaking readers will therefore realize that they speak a little Turkish without knowing it!

Note that the Turkish letter "ş" is pronounced like the "ch" in French. In Turkish the "u" is pronounced like the "or" in French, the "ü" like the "u" in French, and the "ö", like the "eu" in French.

Many words which are not exactly similar in pronunciation strongly resemble French, such as "pantolon" (pants), "sabun" (soap), "süpermarket" (supermarket), "istasyon" (station) , "çikolata" (chocolate), "bilet" (ticket), "kanepe" (sofa), "avukat" (avocado), and many others ...